Rainbow Dream Sailing

Welcome Aboard!

Rainbow Dream Sailing is proud to welcome you on board.

Our mission is both pretty simple, but complicated as well. Now you would say, what's so complicated about sailing? Well the problem comes with the wheelchair. As we found out, no other ships (with exception of the huge ocean liners) can accommodate disabled people in a wheelchair. The design of the ships simply doesn’t allow you to move freely aboard. Not enough space on deck, along with hundreds of obstacles, nasty stairs, small cabins and so on make it impossible to enjoy a sailing holiday on board any of the existing sailing cruisers.

So we aim to make a lot of dreams come true, especially for those who are wheelchair bound, and also for those who need some special care and attention because of other disabilities such as visual impairment or otherwise who are not able to stay safe on a normal sailing ship. Safety and comfort for all on board is pertinent all the way through.

We have set out to achieve the huge but rewarding task of designing, building and running a ship that is able to fulfil these needs. Almost naturally we insist on making this vessel as green as possible.

Due to all the special demands to meet the desired standards for safety and comfort, as well as staying green, the building costs are staggering. Therefore this whole project is commercially non profitable and that is the main reason a ship like this doesn’t already exist. However it would be rude to leave it there. Through illness, accidents, war or otherwise people can become disabled at any stage of their lives. Adjustments to everyday life have to be made; not through choice, but necessity, arising from their disabilities. This makes us even more determined to proceed with the project. We need help though, since regular funding is no option, we need sponsors. So if you want to support us please read the fundraising page. We need all the help we can get.