Rainbow Dream Sailing

Sailing With Us

In order to make your trip with Rainbow Dream an unforgettable and positive experience we have to set some rules, guidelines and things to consider.

First of all, we want to set no restrictions to any activity on board as long as it doesn't affect the safety of the ship and its passengers and crew.

Captains orders are to be followed at all times.

Although we do allow it, bringing electric equipment on board such as an electric wheelchair might not be the best option because the salty seawater will inevitably take its toll. We cannot be held responsible for this.

Registered Assistance Dogs are allowed as long as they are under your total control. They are not allowed to chase the ships cat(s)! Their pet passports and vacinations must be up to date.

On deck and throughout the ship we have arranged special anchoring strips with matching straps to secure wheelchairs if necessary.

All cabins will be equiped with bed linen, towels etc. For any special needs, please contact us so we can arange it (a small surcharge may be applicable, if so you will be notified in advance) or bring the item(s) yourself.

Like any sailing vessel we depend on weather conditions. In case we do not meet certain deadlines because of extreme weather conditions we cannot be held responsible.

Our kitchen staff will try its very best to deliver three meals per day, taking into account possible allergies or special needs and wishes. All only restricted by the availability of the neccesary items on local markets if not in stock.

Any visas you might need are to be provided by yourself. Passports should have at least 2 months longer validity than your planned trip.

Check with your local consulate what innoculations you need for the countries or regions we are going to visit and make sure you get them in time